The “Nouveau Cervoliste Belge”, founded in May 1982, is a non profit association that strives to enable better contacts between kitefliers, experienced or not, and enable the noble art of kiteflying in a spirit excluding any idea of record seeking or dangerous demonstration.


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– Quarterly Magazine in French and Dutch with pracital information, reports on kitefliers events, kite plans and interresting addresses, reproducing historical articles, and open for any question that a kiteflier might have. The magazine has a large calender of oncomming kite events.
It is important to know that the content of this magazine is exclusively made by NCB members.

– The site

– Kitefliers meetings and introductions to kite flying: static kites, stuntkites and fighter kites, Kite Aerial Photography, …




Membership only (no magazine): 7 €

Membership + magazine: 25 € for any address in Belgium. (48 € for those who want to receive both editions of the magazine (French and Dutch))

Membership + magazine: 30 € for any address outside Belgium.

Membership includes a clubs worldwide insurance for members residing in Belgium. Only inside Belgium if the members’ residence is not in Belgium.

Membership + magazine includes four issues of the NCB magazine, sent by post, after the date of your payment. The magazine is published in February, May, August and November.


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Founder-president: Jacques DURIEU

Secretary: Guy RASSON

Treasurer: Michel DASCOTTE

Editor magazine: Nest LERNOUT

Webmaster: Laurent PIGEOLET



Administrators and publishers:

– Jacques DURIEU



– Laurent PIGEOLET

Webmaster: Laurent PIGEOLET


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