Insurance NCB

Group insurance of the NCB


Type of insurance:

This insurance civil liability covers the holders against physical and material damage caused to third parties by the use of kites and boomerangs with the only limitation that the kite in question has an area of less than 15 m2.



a) Members mutually are considered third parties.

b) The coverage applies worldwide for all members resident in Belgium.

c) Members residing outside Belgium are covered on Belgian territory.




This insurance is in addition to any other insurance which the NCB member was already entitled. So, in the event of an accident caused by your kite or boomerang, you first declare this accident to your personal insurer civil liability (private life), and within 48 hours, you also report the accident to the group insurer of the Club:



Bd Baudouin 1er, 25

1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, BE

Tel. 0032/(0)10480130


Number of the policy of the NCB: 7B19794

with a copy to the secretariat of the NCB:




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