NCB monthy flights meetings


Recently we informed you that our monthly kite-fliers meeting would possibly be held on a spot more in the centre of Belgium.DSCF2299b

Now things are settled: We can fly our kites on the last Sunday of every month on the lawns of the magnificent Castle of La Hulpe [“Ter Hulpen”] on the grounds of Solvay. Those kite fliers who attended the meeting “Prenez l’air” [“Go Fly a Kite”] already know this beautiful site.

The huge park (of about 600 ha!) is car free and a joy for many walkers and bikers. So we ‘ll have to leave our cars on the car park and unload the kites for a walk of about 1 km. (Take a trolley with you!)
Also take a pair of Welly boots or sturdy shoes with you because  the field can be very wet after some days of rain (Remember: Waterloo is very near!).
When the weather is fine you won’t be alone: it is the best to arrive before 2 p.m.

The car park is situated on 50°43’50.40”N and 4°27’04.00”E.

The goal of our monthly meeting is to share our passion with the audience. So please entertain the public and answer their questions: there is a kite flier in all of them, like you have been before…

In the Taverne de l’Homme Bleu in the Ferme du Château you can take a snack or a drink from 11 am. till 6 pm.

We count on you to take care of the safety of the public and to leave the site in a clean state.

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